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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heads up: news about name and blog

"The Art of Art" no longer the English title

The Hebrew title of the book is (and always had been) "The Mechanics of Inspiration", and as it turns out, all native English speakers I spoke to agreed that this makes a better name than "The Art of Art". It's a bit sad for me to let go of "The Art of Art", but there are some really good reasons to do so.

Focusing on a Hebrew blog

I admit I might have started this blog a bit too soon. Many of my Hebrew readers find it hard to read a lot of English text, and the English version of the book is probably only going to be ready in about a year from now. It makes sense then to create and concentrate my efforts in a Hebrew blog, and continue with the English blog in a few months, a short while before the English version comes out.

I'm in the process of making decisions and sorting it all out. I'm definitely going to have to change the blog, change the facebook fan page, and get everybody to join the new blog/page.... Very inconvenient, but I guess I better do it sooner than later, right?

More news soon!

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