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What is this all about

Six years ago, I asked myself a question. This is the question:

Can art be thought of as a standalone skill?
Meaning: can we learn how to be artists, regardless of the actual medium or scale we're dealing with?

It didn't take me six years to get to the answer, which, as you can well imagine, is "YES". It did take me six years to write a book, in which I do my best to lay down an organized set of practical guidelines to art - any art; "the art of art", if you will. Perhaps I should write "The Art of Art", as this is my working title.

Here's a partial list of artistic fields, to which The Art of Art can easily be related:
Architecture, Sculpting, Animation, Interior Design, Web Design, Set Design, Game Design, Fashion Design, Any type of writing, Any type of composing, writing and drawing comics, and of course many more.

The book hasn't been published yet, but significant parts of it (and perhaps all of it) are going to be on this blog, as well as random thoughts on the subject, and many links to interesting examples I collected over the years.

To me, The Art of Art is already a success. The answers I came up with improved my own work beyond recognition, and it helped my students and my colleagues as well, whether they know it or not. Moreover, as an animation director, I recently had the good fortune to arrange the workflow of an entire animation studio according to the "Art of Art" guidelines. The project was a huge success in every aspect, including the very important aspect of pure fun. This was exactly the kind of hard proof I was waiting for. It gave me the confidence that the ideas in The Art of Art really make a difference.

I hope you'll find the idea, the blog, and perhaps the future-book (in that order) a source of inspiration in your own artistic work - whatever it may be. And don't be a stranger! Please (pretty please?) comment or Email your thoughts, question, suggestions, examples, or any other kind of feedback.